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The Guide to Saying Nice Things To Yourself.

Love, a feeling, one that some of us feel, one that some of us don’t.

A feeling that most people want to experience, yet one that some people never do.

What is love? Is it the feeling of being wanted? Of contentment? Of not needing more? Is it a feeling that we rely too heavily on others to give us rather than giving it to ourselves?

On he 14th February, it was a day of love, one that many people despise because of the commercial ties, but it can also be a day where people feel braver to share their love for someone. Some people find it to say I love you, to show they really care, but perhaps for many, the 14th breaks down barriers for those words to be said. Be that in a card or from the lips of the one who wants to say it.

Saying the words, I love you can be hard, but it can be even harder to say it to ourselves. Have you ever even said to yourself ‘I love me”? We don’t naturally do we, we often believe love should be from someone else, but the main love should be from yours truly.

When I see clients I often ask them if they love themselves, the answer is normally no and that they’d never even thought about it. They mention that it would be egotistical to love themselves. But hang on a moment, if you had kids, would you encourage them not to love and appreciate themselves would you? Absolutely not. So why you, if you don't already why don't you say nice things to yourself? As yourself the question.

Today think of why you are beautiful, why you matter, to yourself and to your life, to your loved ones, in work. What makes you special (don’t be shy, because you are special).

Here is a little helping hand of ideas;

I’m kind

I’m thoughtful

I care

I love my eyes

I look after myself well

I look after my loved ones well

I’m honest

I’m stronger than I ever realised

You get my point, now it’s your turn. Love yourself, first and foremost, say nice things to yourself, and then you can show others how to love themselves too. Be the light, show people it’s ok to love themselves, say nice things to yourself, not hateful thoughts. Allow and accept nice thoughts, build yourself up, create the feeling yourself that you want to feel. Don’t expect anyone else to give them to you. It’s your job to love yourself and to feel worthy, because you are worthy.

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