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The sound of your soul

Belightful® Music was born in 2011 when I had the inspiration to create an album for myself as I was practising reiki and found the generic relaxation music very bland.

I didn’t intend setting up a whole new business but everyone I shared Belightful® Music with loved it and wanted to buy it - often as a gift so I ended up having to package a CD with covers and everything!!

This led to “The Children’s Sleep Charity” commissioning an album for bedtime & waking up to help with good routine in babies and children. There are now 4 albums by Belightful® Music all of which utilise frequencies which are either found in the fibonacci sequence to bring us more in tune with nature; or frequencies which resonate with our chakras - our 7 main energy centres in the body.

The idea is that if your chakras are in alignment and your energy is in tune with you, the body will be in the perfect place to heal itself of any dis-ease.

Listening to music can aid relaxation in many ways and can improve vital functions within the body, which may be hindering overall well-being.

Alongside the well-known benefits like elevating ones mood and reducing anxiety, scientific studies have shown it can also decrease muscle tension and blood pressure. As we listen to music, our bodies release endorphins which are natural pain relievers.

The music also acts as a distractor and the slow beat calms down the heart beat and breathing. It’s really important to find some music which makes YOU feel good and take time out for yourself in this busy world we create for ourselves.

I am a musician first and foremost but my fascination and curiosity into how our thinking patterns affect our physical bodies has led me to create music with the hope that everyone will feel the benefits and be filled with well-being every single day. That is how we are meant to function and live our lives!

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