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With Love

A message From Beyond

Pre-Recorded Messages For After You've Passed Away

I'm so sorry that you find yourself on this page. There is no easy way to discuss the end of life, especially when it’s your own.

If you are coming to the end of your life due to a terminal illness, but don’t want to leave behind things unsaid, I can help. Whether you are spending your time at home, in hospital or in a hospice I can come to you, all I require is a quiet space without distractions and a lot of background noise. I can get rid of a some of back ground noise but not always all of it, please bare that in mind. If you are still getting out and about you are welcome to come to me if you would prefer.

What do I offer?

I offer you the ability to record your voice saying the words that you want to leave behind for your loved ones. This way, when you have passed away, they will be able to listen to your voice and the message that you did for them. 


What can you do?

  • You can do a recording for a loved ones private use, saying how much you love them, you can talk about the times you've had together, special moments, and the wonderful memories you've made. You can say thank you to people who have supported you, made you laugh and let you cry. You can tell people to live their lives, to love hard, and to remember you.

  • You can do a speech for your own funeral.

  • You can read a poem for private use or a poem for your funeral.

  • You can record memoirs.

  • I can also help your write something if you are struggling to find the words you want to say


What do I do?

I will support you first and foremost, help you to feel comfortable with me, in the knowledge that however you are feeling I will hold that space for you so that you feel safe and comfortable in my presence. You can cry, you can laugh, you can hold my hand, but together we will produce something beautiful for you to leave behind. When you are ready, I will record your words, I will edit, add music, and either send it to you, a loved one or if you want it playing at your funeral, I shall send it to wherever it is being held.


Why do a pre-recording?

It can sometimes feel really hard to say what you want face to face, sometimes emotions take over, sometimes it doesn’t come out right. Whatever it is, your words matter and what you leave behind also matters. 


How long should it be?

It can be as long as you want, but I recommend that speeches for funerals are no longer than 4 minutes (around 400 words, but it doesn't need to be exact). Private conversations and memoirs can be as long as you like.

Packages and Costs

I offer this in 3 packages, both include a finished downloadable product including music if you would like.

Package 1. Creating your recording and full audio editing £89.

Package 2. Help writing what you'd like to say, recording and full editing £139.

Package 3. Recording memoirs and private messages are changed at £139 for the first two hours and then an hourly rate of £39 which includes us still recording and my editing.

Home, hospital, or hospice visit. £20 Dronfield, Sheffield and Chesterfield

If you would like me to read your poem or your speech and record my voice that would be an additional £39 per hour.

Please feel free to call me to talk everything over 07812-335761

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