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With Love

Pre-Recorded Speeches for Funerals

What do I offer?

I can pre-record whatever it is you'd like to say at your loved ones funeral. When it is time for your reading at the funeral you will stay in your seat and the person leading the service will simply press play and the guests will listen to your beautiful words, you've already done all of the work. The completed recording will usually be anywhere up to 4 minutes long.

Why do a pre-recorded speech?

How many people have wanted to say something at a loved ones funeral but not felt as though they were able to due to fears, worries, nerves and emotions? It can be daunting standing up in front of people, but here I offer the opportunity for you to come and pre-record your speech in the comfort of my home, that way, your words can be said and heard when it matters the most. I am understanding and empathetic and want to make this process as gentle as possible for you.

Things I can record;

Anything you like, you can read something you have written yourself, you could read a poem, or if you would like help finding the words to say I am able to help you do that too. All you have to bring to the session is yourself and what you’d like to say. You can also arrive with just an idea or you can arrive with no idea at all and I'll help you put something meaningful together for you to feel proud of. I’ll then do the rest for you, I’ll even ensure that it is delivered to the funeral home. 

Packages and Costs

I offer this in 2 packages, both include a finished downloadable product including music if you would like.

Package 1. Creating your recording and full audio editing £89

Package 2. Help writing what you'd like to say, recording and full editing £139

If you would like me to read your poem or your speech and record my voice that would be an additional £39

Please feel free to call me to talk everything over 07812-335761

I also offer 'a message from beyond' service where I will record yours or your loved ones voice before the end of life. This is where you can leave a special message and your voice that will last a lifetime.

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