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Would you wear a size 9 when you're a size 6? Let's look at therapy differently.

I want to get straight to the point on this blog because anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand waffling.

People don’t always know about using complimentary therapies and treatments for mental illness. I didn’t know about them, I went down the usual route of services before I even considered trying something alternative. And although for many people the ‘normal’ route works wonders, I know from personal experience and now from specialising in this area for the past 7 years that it doesn’t always ‘hit the nail on the head.’

It’s a shame it doesn’t work for everyone the same, but that’s life I guess and we aren’t all the same. If we look at this practically and the way I see it, if your feet are a size 9 you wouldn’t try and shove your foot into a size 6 world you and think that walking round hurting your feet forever is an acceptable pain to accept, would you? You’d try a different size, one that fits you so why isn’t therapy and mental health the seen in the same way? Why do too many people continue with something that isn’t working?

Why not try a different shoe?

If you’ve read my previous blogs you will know the journey that I’ve been on and you will know that I recovered 14 years ago with the use of hypnotherapy. Now I specialise in the recovery of co-morbid mental illness with the use of hypnotherapy.

I love hypnotherapy (of course I do, it saved my life). Over the years I’ve seen people get their lives back, I’ve seen my clients, go sky diving, start families, start dancing, move abroad, get married, set up their own business, feel well and balanced and enjoy a new outlook on life. I’ve spoken with the families of clients who are over the moon to have their family member back feeling great, they no longer have the constant worry that they will find them dead one day when they arrive home or have the police arrive at their doorstep with bad news. I’ve had letters from clients where I’ve sobbed my eyes out with sheer happiness for them that they feel well again.

I feel so privileged that I’m able to do this work, I just wish more people knew about how wonderful it is. How you can change your life with the use of hypnotherapy.

I say this all the time, it’s not like what you see on the T.V, it’s a beautiful and therapeutic technique that relaxes you completely, never making you lose control in anyway, but putting you back in control. Lots of my clients ask if they will lose control and I always say you can open your eyes at any point should you choose to, you can talk to me throughout hypnosis, move, scratch your nose, cough. It’s not taking control away from you, it’s giving it back to you, it’s releasing the negative thoughts that become stuck and relentless. It’s uncovering the beautiful you that is deep within, just not always accessible. When my clients have had their first hypnotherapy session, they say how relaxing and enjoyable it was, they are never fearful and they finally understand it.

Even if you don’t want to try hypnotherapy, have a look at other treatments, there are hundreds of alternative ways in which you can regain the control you want. You don’t need to suffer feeling there is only one option, you can give yourself the bespoke care you require, sometimes you have to realise that there is no box and there is a whole heap of other options for you. You are worth feeling great and you are worth the time it takes to get better. Please know that you don’t need to suffer.

And remember, you are enough, you always have been and you always will be

Charlotte x

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