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As seen in 'Behind the Smile'

by Emma Pearson

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This is the beginning of loving yourself


"I enjoyed how practical therapy was, Charlotte gave me tools that I can use forever'

Living Room

One to One

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy

I have specialised in the recovery from depression, anxiety and panic attacks for the past 12 years, using solution focussed therapy, including hypnotherapy, meditation, EFT, Havening, Positive Psychology, Stress Management and a whole heap of life experience of recovering myself.

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With Love,

After Life


Do you want to say something at a loved ones funeral but feel it's not something you're currently able to do.

Come and pre-record exactly what you want to say in the comfort of my home, supported by me and receive a fully edited and beautiful recording sent directly to the funeral home.

Your guide to recovery and mental wellness

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Online Meditations

My free gift to you

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Your Words

Coming to life


Your ideas, your thoughts, your journey, put into words, either by you or me, recorded, edited, music added ready for publication.

You are worth it
"I will never forget what Charlotte did for me, she saved my life"

Make the call

I understand that when calling a therapist, you’re likely to be nervous about the conversation ahead and opening up. Don't be afraid of speaking with me, our conversations are confidential, and although it sounds clichéd, you won't be telling me something I've not heard before. Your concerns are likely to be more common than you think. Read what my previous clients have said. ​

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