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"I have also learnt to live a much calmer life and my approach to any problems is a more relaxed one.

Tanya had Panic attacks that were causing fainting

Once I’d overcome the initial hurdle of making the call, Charlotte made everything very easy for me. I felt she empathised with my situation and was fully supportive in offering solutions. She listened without interrupting me and made me feel comfortable with her responses.  Her positivity encouraged me to engage in the therapy. 

Charlotte was very welcoming and provides a calming and safe environment where I could share my concerns.
  She offered a friendly approach that enabled me to instantly relax and explain my anxieties.

Charlotte helped me understand that I was able to make changes. She didn’t minimalize my anxieties in a way that made me feel silly but was able to guide me to understand that they were not so enormous that they couldn’t be removed.  Her balance of friendliness and professionalism enabled me to feel supported and honest with her with my setbacks and progress. 

I started to look forward to each session and the benefits I would receive from them.
 I embraced the suggestions of supportive literature or TV programmes suggested and used my time in between appointments to soak up techniques and if taking a daily prescribed tablet...but without any side effects!  

Following my appointments, I had moments of reflection and sometimes periods of feeling tired.  I continued to have good days and bad days but then the good days started to outweigh the days.

I was cautious about hypnosis but Charlotte explained very clearly how it worked. The process has proved to be relaxing and rewarding and something I am still using.  It should be offered to all, on the NHS!   


I think the process was just about right but Charlotte is always available to contact or for further appointments for support if more is needed.  I had 6 sessions and my initial problem has been removed, however, I have also learnt to live a much calmer life and my approach to any problems is a more relaxed one.

I would give Charlotte’s treatment 10 out of 10...I have recommended her to many of my friends. She has removed my panic attacks...incredible! 

Image by Devin Avery
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