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Image by Dingzeyu Li

Out From The Shadow


These recordings are meditations and not hypnosis.  Please read the before you get started page.


Please do not do the recordings if you have epilepsy and unsure if meditations affect you, are driving, in a caregiving environment or operating any machinery.  Please check with your doctor if you are not sure if you can do meditations.  When you listen to any of the meditations on this website you are agreeing to the knowledge that you are taking responsibility of yourself and you are not the responsibility of White Willow Hypnotherapy or Charlotte Spivey.


The best place to do the meditations is in bed, sitting or lying down.  You can also use them to help you drift off to sleep when you are ready for bed. 

All of the meditations are written and owned by Charlotte Spivey and are not to be used under the name of anyone else or without explicit written permission.

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