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"Thank you Charlotte, we have our dad back."

Old Friends

My mum passed away suddenly and it left my father feeling very, very depressed. I’d never seen him the way he was, he cried all the time, he never smiled and stopped leaving the house.


My brother and I were very scared that he might do something silly. I called White Willow on the off chance and spoke with Charlotte, she said she could see him and so I took him to have some therapy with her.


My father did not want to go at all and said he wouldn’t speak to her.


Charlotte sat us down and spoke with my dad like no one else had we’d been to see. There was something about her understanding that made my father open up to her and he told her how he felt which he’d not shared with us before.


I’m not sure exactly on everything that happened in the other sessions as my father hasn’t told us but I do know he is so much better now. Thank you Charlotte, we have our dad back.

Mick was suffering from a shock berevement and depression
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