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"Charlotte’s friendly and genuine approach filled me with complete confidence in starting my treatment.

My treatment was mainly for anxiety and controlling panic attacks. The anxiety was starting to affect my career and home life and I decided I needed help, enough was enough.

Charlotte was such an amazing positive presence during our first conversation.


To say I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy was an understatement. I was put at ease immediately and felt comfortable with what Charlotte proposed for me and how she was going to help me through. 

Before my first appointment, I was nervous and if I’m honest a bit sceptical. As soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and immediately comfortable. Charlotte’s friendly and genuine approach filled me with complete confidence in starting my treatment.

I knew immediately that Charlotte was taking a personal invested interest in what was going on with me. She was genuinely caring and kind and I trusted her as she worked with me to figure out what was going to be the best bespoke treatment, for my individual needs. 

After each appointment, I felt like I had moved forward a little bit further and healing a bit more each time. I also felt empowered to keep working on myself in my own time with all the helpful tools that Charlotte would give me after each session.

I was a little sceptical about the hypnotherapy at first but I felt the positive effects after the first session. The more hypnotherapy Charlotte gave me directly and through the audio files I took home, the easier I was hypnotised and the benefits kept on increasing. The impact of this was incredible in the best possible way.

I started to feel that I had turned a huge corner was after about 5 sessions in respect of the areas I started treatment for. 

Charlotte added an amazing personal touch to the sessions and I honestly felt she was determined to work alongside me to get me through the issues I was facing.


The environment was relaxed and comfortable and the sessions were never rushed to finish within a specific time frame. Other therapists I’ve seen have physically been watching the clock during sessions and this was never the case with Charlotte, ever.

For anyone that may be feeling apprehensive I would urge you to take a chance and at least drop Charlotte an email and have that first conversation. I promise you will feel reassured with what is likely to take place and how the sessions will be run.

I made the decision that the potential initial awkwardness of an email or phone call far outweighed spending another day dealing with overwhelming anxiety. The treatment was a success in removing my panic attacks and significantly reducing my anxiety so that it no longer has the effect on my personal and professional life it once had.  


This was solely down to the treatment with Charlotte and I can’t thank her enough. 

On a scale of 1-10, it would be a 10 in respect of that I have and would definitely recommend charlottes services to those who are suffering. 

Image by Joseph Gonzalez
Jack had Panic attacks and anxiety causing home and work life to be really difficult
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