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"my daughter surpassed expectations, achieving amazing grades ."

Image by Allef Vinicius

I contacted Charlotte after a work colleague recommended her. My daughter was going through a very anxious time with A level study, low self-esteem and worries about impending exams and the future. Her panic attacks were a frightening, regular occurrence. Mild issues were perceived as huge problems and daily life had become difficult. Teenagers aren’t always easy to help but Charlotte was so patient and flexible in her approach, and gradually my daughter became calmer, her panic attacks stopped as, with help from Charlotte, she focussed her energies on her work. She eventually breezed through her exams with no anxiety issues at all. We were amazed at the turnaround as well as grateful that things were returning to normal. It’s over three months now since the exams finished, my daughter surpassed expectations, achieving amazing grades – she’s delighted and we are incredibly proud not just of how hard she worked and the outcome but also of the way she has now carved out a plan for her future. I’m really glad I took my colleague’s advice: Charlotte is incredibly understanding and easy to talk to and it’s good to know that she is there if ever we need her in the years ahead.’  Thanks once again Charlotte.

Rwas anxious and having panic attacks surrounding exam stress
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