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End Of Life Recordings 

Supporting you to say the things you want to say to loved ones

It can be incredibly difficult to reach the words you want to say be that during your journey or at the end of it.

Being a therapist for over a decade, having recorded hundreds of audios and having experienced my own personal bereavements and clients I have decided that I’d like to offer end of life audio recordings. It might be you who is at the end of your life and you want to create something for your funeral or for private use. Or perhaps you have a loved one who is at the end of theirs and you’d like to make a recording for them to listen to. It can be challenging to say things in person and although we all know we should, we often can’t get the words out, which is why I now offer this service.


You can record anything you like, be that memoirs, poetry, important words, memories of times you’ve had or something completely different, or if you don’t know what to say, don’t worry, just arrive with a few ideas and we will be able to put something special together, and there are no rules. 

When you arrive you don’t come to a big recording studio, it is simply a cosy room with a friendly and warm atmosphere, where you will be supported by myself to make this time as fulfilling as you want it to be. 

At the end of your sessions you will have a downloadable version of your fully edited audio recording which can be emailed to you directly, I will ensure you receive the email and that you know what to do with it.  You can also choose music for your recording from my music library that contains thousands of songs. The recording can also be put onto a USB stick if you wish to bring a new an unopened stick along with you. 

If you are unable to get to my office I can do a visit to you, where we can work together from the comfort of where ever you are.


I wish I didn’t have to charge at all for this service, however I can offer it at a reduced rate, the cost per hour is £40, please note that for example a 20 minute recording, could take up to one hour of editing. (How do I say this better)? We can cap the time it takes if you have a budget or we can run for as long as you wish. This can also be done over several sessions so you don’t need to feel rushed to do it in one session. You can also use my voice should you wish not to speak or if you are unable to. This comes at no extra cost. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further. 

Image by Kevin Delvecchio

It's okay to change direction in life, sometimes our path needs to change to discover whom we were meant to be.

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