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Emotional Freedom Technique

A simple, fast-acting technique that gets better with time. 

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EFT is a wonderful technique that can help with a wide range of mental health issues but it can also help with pain. It is such a simple process, yet the power of it is unlimited. 


The process is performed by tapping on specific pressure points on your head, face, and collarbone.  In turn, this releases unwanted tension (mental and physical) from in and around your body.  I can teach you how to use EFT for your specific issue and you always use the technique on yourself.  When you start using EFT you can physically feel the tension that is stored within these pressure points, you will also be able to feel the pressure being released as you use EFT.

Tap your way to emotional freedom.

I use EFT for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, worries, fears, and phobias, all over body pain or specific concentrated pain, Fibromyalgia, mild niggling headaches to migraines and for many more areas.


EFT has no side effects, it is gentle and can be used with children and adults.

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