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"I think Charlotte’s way ahead of the curve in what she does." 

I found Charlotte and our sessions wonderful. She’s so easy to talk to, she really listens and works hard to understand you.  She’s very gifted at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


After each appointment, I felt amazing, positive, confident and full of life. I loved therapy with Charlotte.  It resonated so well with me and felt very tailored. 

I was really impressed at the way Charlotte approaches things – recording our session so that I can then replay it myself to speed up how quickly it worked. I certainly felt it made a difference after the second session. 

I only had three sessions, to be honest, I’d happily see Charlotte every week, but three was the perfect number to achieve what I wanted to achieve.  I feel Charlotte was very different from other therapists.


I think Charlotte’s way ahead of the curve in what she does.  She’s extremely enlightened and is always learning, so she applies what she learns to what she does. This makes her infinitely more effective than therapists who follow a structured path and don’t evolve their practice. 

Charlotte doesn’t just tackle the issue in hand, she works on what really matters – leading the life you want to lead to make you happy.


She managed to combine life coaching and therapy in one and I think a session with Charlotte is likely worth a whole month of sessions with any other kind of therapist. 

Anna came for lack of confidence within work
Carefree Woman
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